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Things we took as fun a few years ago are now taking over the trends. Online dating is for real now. Those days are long gone when dating someone meant meeting at the college, café, club, pub, or a bar. Today, people are actually looking for partners. 

There are many dating and hookup websites available where people create their personal profile, upload a few pictures, write a bio, and wait by their smartphones to get a response. Are you after the same approach? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Since things change so fast nowadays, we built a list with the best hookup apps for 2020.

recommended hookup apps 2020:

Following are some of the best yet recommended hookup apps to use in 2020:


As the name suggests, Crush is an exclusive dating app that gained enough attention in 2019 and will definitely rise more in 2020. Only the female users can say the final say; thus, more power is in the hands of the female users. Just like tinder, Crush’s users swipe through different profiles and select the most appropriate one.

Good news for women! Only female users get to send the first message. Sounds fair enough

Compatibility: iOS & Android

The Inner Circle

Tired of hookup apps with a lot of fake profiles? Well, that is not the case with The Inner Circle. This app focuses more on quality than quantity. You can even call it the Tinder – a better version. Only verified profiles are accepted and you can expect to find a partner just like you.

Want to know why The Inner Circle is called the Tinder of successful people? Because your LinkedIn account is linked to your dating profile. So, make sure you don’t have a LinkedIn display that is too vague or embarrassing.

Compatibility: iOS & Web


Not much of a social person and rather shy? Well, we’ve got just the right solution for you; HINGE! It operates based on your Facebook friends. You may see profiles of your friends of friends of friends or mutual friends.

Hinge was developed for relationships. You wouldn’t want to have many hookups with your friends of friends, would you? As the say, the first dating app designed to be deleted.

Compatibility: iOS & Android


There’s no need to sign up for a completely different hookup or dating app when you have Facebook Dating. Launched last year in the U.S., Facebook dating leverages all the information you’ve shared on Facebook and lets you find the perfect date or hookup.

In simple words, the data on your Facebook profile can be used to refine your partner choices – finding the perfect match for you.

Compatibility: iOS & Android


eHarmony is a well-known hookup app in the online dating world. When signing up for eHarmony, you must fill a brief questionnaire that will help you create a customized profile with ease. After creating an account, you’ll be provided with a list of probably matches every day – listing your areas of compatibility and more. Sounds good?

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Keep following to learn more about how online dating apps are evolving and more.