Local hookup bars are gone forever, and today, if you want to date someone, the most accessible avenue for doing it is online.

Hookup culture has become a real thing, and it has successfully replaced the actual dating theory. People do not like to have real conversations anymore because online dating has created a considerable impact on the young generation, so more and more people are meeting online and getting into relationships than ever before.

There are many unverified hookup apps that claim no-strings fun with hot singles, but in actual, they are a massive scam, full of bots and viruses. In this article, we are going to discuss 6 best hookup apps so you can look for a companion who can share your fantasies and have some fun with you. And remember, always play safe!


Tinder is one of the most popular hookup applications to meet and chat with new people. You must have heard of this dating app already, and chances are that you have downloaded it at least once in your lifetime.

  • The swipe feature is central to this application’s design. The algorithm shows compatible matches to the user. The user can swipe right to like his/her potential match or swipe left to continue searching for a better partner.
  • Messaging other users is also a heavily used feature. Once your profile matches to another person, you can exchange text messages with them whenever you want.
  • Instagram integration feature also enables you to visit another person’s Instagram profile.
  • Through common connection feature, you can see whether the two of you have any mutual friends over Facebook (first-degree connection) or if you and your match have two different friends who are friends with each other (second-degree connection).
  • Tinder offers two upgrades, i.e., Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. With these upgrades, you can undo a left swipe and send super-likes to people you are really interested in.

The Good

  • Tinder is fast and easy.
  • It is the only application that the shyest and the most skeptical people would like to use.
  • It has tons of options for novices.
  • Tinder offers free and premium subscriptions.
  • This app can reduce people to their profile and give everyone a chance to see the way you are.

The Bad

  • This app is only focused on casual hookups.
  • Too much swiping can make this app boring.

The League

The League is currently the largest online hookup and dating network of the world. This application does its best to show you the people who meet your desired preferences because, for this app, it is perfectly okay to be picky about the people you date and hookup with.

  • Users of The League can sync their account to their other social media profiles and then select their preferences for the match.
  • You can select your match on the basis of gender, height, age, education, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Every user is assigned a representative who will answer you in case of queries and problems.
  • This app shows only 4-5 potential matches per day and also enables users to create groups and organize events.
  • Every user gets one pass to bring a friend. The ticket allows that person to dodge the application process. People without tickets have to sign up for the waiting list.
  • You can always see when other users are present nearby.
  • It has a video chat function (on request), a consistent interface, and a unique twin search mode.
  • It has a section with available places to make an appointment with your match. You can open the desired area and see the users present there at the moment.

The Good

  • The League is an exclusive, members-only hookup app that is aimed at working professionals.
  • Every person on this application (including those who are paying hefty subscriptions) has been properly scrutinized.
  • It allows you to attend exclusive networking events.
  • Its algorithm prioritizes users who log in every day, so regular checkups over the app pay off well.
  • Your Facebook and other accounts are automatically filtered out.

The Bad

  • The user pool is relatively small than other apps like Tinder.
  • You only get a limited number of matches per day.
  • It takes a lot of time for a profile to be verified and accepted as a member.
  • This app requires an honest time commitment on the user’s part.



Pure is a free hookup app for smartphones that is intended to be used by individuals who want to spend time and explore romance with people close to them.

  • This app issues limited time accounts to the user that may last up to an hour only.
  • Within that one hour, the users can connect with other people through their phone’s GPS navigation.
  • The users can post pictures and create a profile that other users can see and even react to. Other users can introduce themselves as interested or not-interested and may initiate communication.
  • The pictures and profile of any user are visible to other users within 1000 kilometers. Other people may connect to you when you both have any mutual interests.
  • After one hour, the profile disappears along with any trace of communication between two users.
  • To continue using the app, the user must create a profile again and then contact other users. This feature helps to prevent the ongoing storage of any personal information that can remain unprotected by the security breach.
  • It offers a feature called Instant Chat, where you have to pay a fee to start chatting with the person of your interest without waiting for that person to like you back.
  • Another feature is King of the Hill that puts your bio ahead of everyone else so other users can see it first.

The Good

  • 100% no strings attached between the users.
  • This application works very fast.
  • No inappropriate advertisements.
  • It promotes spur-of-the-moment and borderline anonymous hookups.
  • There is no fancy algorithm, no bio one-liners, and no waiting to get in touch with people.

The Bad

  • The potential risk of getting catfished (meeting people with false online identity).
  • This app requires your credit card information.

Elite Singles

This hookup application is a safe and secure dating space for ambitious and busy people who like to meet and talk with other like-minded individuals without wasting their time swiping the pictures.

  • This app is dedicated and designed to help exclusive singles who are looking for a long-term relationship.
  • It functions over intelligent matchmaking technology to deliver compatible partner suggestions with the user’s personal search preference.
  • The app manually verifies all the profiles to make sure everyone has a safe, smooth, and enjoyable dating environment.
  • You can browse through additional profiles by using the “Have you met” feature.
  • The potential matches are displayed based on the 5-factor personality questionnaire and your refined search predilections.
  • It maintains high standards by automatically removing inactive members and people who are suspected as cons.
  • The demographic data considered to match two members include age, gender, location, level of education, and profession.
  • With the premium accounts, you can receive highly compatible matches every day, get access to your partner’s complete description, ask other users for more photos, and sync your profile with your Facebook account.

The Good

  • The main targets of this application are mature, working, and successful professionals.
  • This app lets you pick out a partner that you are precisely looking for.
  • The 5-factor personality test is extremely detailed and works over professional-level algorithms.
  • All the profiles are manually verified and analyzed.
  • You have fewer to almost no chances of getting scammed.
  • With ultra-specific filters, you can make unlimited friends with similar interests.

The Bad

  • The fill-out for matchmaking can feel a bit lengthy, especially if you are only looking for a one-time hookup.
  • It is the most expensive hookup app on this list.


With the help of Happn, you can find people you may have crossed paths with and then grab that opportunity to get to know them personally.

  • This app helps you find people that you have crossed paths with by discovering other singles within a 250-meter radius of you.
  • It works like Tinder, i.e., generates your dating profile by syncing your account with your Facebook (without publishing anything on your wall). All you have to do is select the gender you are interested in along with the age range.
  • It uses GPS navigation tracking to show you the list of people that are present around you.
  • It tells you if you have crossed paths with your match one time or multiple times and also gives you a rough map of the place where you might have crossed paths with each other.
  • If you like someone, you can hit the red love heart, and if the other person shows interest, you can start chatting.
  • The interface of this app is quite simple, and privacy is considered as a key-value during matchmaking.
  • Users will never receive pictures or messages from another person unless the liking is mutual.

The Good

  • The profile is easy to set up.
  • It is the best hookup app for youngsters.
  • Happn is very handy. You can send charms without having to wait for a mutual like
  • This app has a massive user base and offers tons of features for maximum user satisfaction.
  • It is an excellent app for casual hookups but not so ideal for serious dating.

The Bad

  • It only works over a 250m radius.
  • The app may act a little awkward sometimes.
  • It is being marketed as a dating or hookup application for shy people, so conversations appear hard to come by the users.


Clover is known to be the best hookup app for millennial-driven, fun-loving people. This application can couple shared interests with the physical attraction to give you a spontaneous, amazing hookup anytime you want.

  • It is a free-to-download application, and most of the features that come with this app are also free of cost.
  • You can avail the added features through a Premium Clover Subscription, which can be purchased through iTunes or Google Play Account.
  • Free features of this app include seeing people who you like, who likes you, who you dislike, and who is a perfect match for you.
  • You can also view profile information, profile pictures, send date request via On-Demand Dating Feature, join or create your own mixer, play the free questionnaire and compare your answers to other users, and filter your match by distance, sexual orientation, and age.
  • You can post profile pictures from your camera or other social media account, manage people who can see your location and online status, and also control who can message or contact you based on location, gender, and age.
  • If you want to get featured in the banner at the top of the chat screen, you can buy boosts from the prearranged packages.
  • Premium Clover Subscription can provide you feature such as advanced filters for intention, height, interests, eye color, hair color, ethnicity, body type, religion, occupation, income, religion, relationship status, drug or alcohol use, and zodiac sign.
  • You can send chat messages to anyone regardless of whether they like you or not.
  • Through the On-Demand Dating feature, you can set up a date for you and your match, which is quite similar to going on a blind date.
  • Through the Mixers feature, you can make your own chat and meetup groups for people who share the same interest as yours.

The Good

  • Clover has an on-demand date feature.
  • It gives you a percentage metric for how well you can get along with another person.
  • It is not only based on physical attraction.
  • You can easily hookup with people with a friendlier dynamic.
  • If you are open to commitment and long-term relationships, clover can be a perfect medium.

The Bad

  • Some filtering features are paid-only.
  • It is a little time consuming and not completely hookup-oriented.

Final Thoughts

It is easy and agreeable to meet people online. Though it can be a little problematic at times, there are many hookup applications that meet everyone’s expectations. 

All the hookup applications that we have discussed are based on the phenomena that meeting someone special in your life does not have to be complicated. We are hopeful that our picks for the best hookup apps have helped you find the prime option that you are now going to install on your phone.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and take an active part in hookup hunting and make private adult dating fun and entertaining.